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Mistress Mira needed her boyfriend to be more supportive of her now that she was pregnant but he did not do it and he messed up with her. The mistress did not want to continue having issues with him yet the baby was theirs. So she trampled him to make him learn to help around the house and take more interest in the issues of the baby. He did after that trampling.

Mistress Mira is turned on by pain. But she does not like to feel the pain. She prefers to have someone else feel the pain. Today she got this guy to endure her pain as she trampled him. The mistress was turned on as the guy let her trample him with her high heels. And as the guy continued to endure it, she got wet and they smashed like pornstars.

Mistress Mira was angered by this guy's refusal to follow instructions. She did not want him to be a liability to her and so she set him straight by trampling him and humiliating him. She made sure to crush his neck with her shoes and to trample him as cruelly as she was able to. She told him she would not sit back and watch how he tried to sabotage her.

Mistress Mira was surprised when this guy told her he had a crush on her and he wanted to lick her feet. She had never heard that before so she agreed. She let him do what he wanted to her feet and it was hilarious watching him lick her feet and rub them. She great and she managed to relax and enjoy the foot rub and the guy enjoyed his foot fetish. It was a win-win situation.

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