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Mistress Elizabeth wanted to torture this loser and she did it with her high heels as she first had him lick them and when he was done, she trampled him with the same heels. He was in pain but that was not her concern and she did not care what he felt. In fact, the mistress inflicted even more of it so that he learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Mira was surprised when this guy told her he had a crush on her and he wanted to lick her feet. She had never heard that before so she agreed. She let him do what he wanted to her feet and it was hilarious watching him lick her feet and rub them. She great and she managed to relax and enjoy the foot rub and the guy enjoyed his foot fetish. It was a win-win situation.

Madame Marissa loves to involve her camera girl into her funny trampling sessions with her odd slave, who had to suffer so much times beneath her beautiful feet before, day by day! That's the reason Madame Marissa thinks, that her slave needs some kind of variety! Two girls make him suffer beneath four feet, one pair of high heels and one pair of wedgies. After the first torment, they trample him with bare feet- even his face!

Mistress Natalia is wearing wonderful sparkling glitter high heels with peep-toes. With those adorable high heels and dressed in a short black elegant dress, the tough Lady starts trampling her skinny slave. Full weight she crushes the slave’s chest with her high heels in various positions, before she takes off her shoes and walks all over the slave’s upper body with her bare feet - including face standing him.

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